Career opportunities

The company regards its personnel’s career growth as a top priority of its HR activities, and, therefore, places an emphasis on this task.

An IT solution called Opportunity Marketplace has been developed on the basis of the corporate portal.

The Marketplace is a platform where each employee can learn about career opportunities, take step-by-step training to study the basics of a new profession or simply gain an insight into the duties of his/her colleagues.

The purpose of the project is to create a transparent and comprehensible system of development opportunities in the company. In the course of the project, the leading specialists and experts in various disciplines discuss the work of their departments by way of video lessons. The employees undergo training, complete various assignments, answer questions and develop a mini project to conclude the training. If the project is successfully presented to the company management, the employees will be included in the talent pool.

Personnel training and development

In the course of the corporate personnel development program, the employees regularly undergo training and improve their qualification, attend discipline-specific conferences and workshops in order to enhance their knowledge, competencies and skills.

The Company also holds various trainings for its employees to develop their soft and hard skills.

To boost non-financial motivation and develop language skills, the Company’s employees are actively involved in studying foreign languages: English and Chinese.

The Company cares about the welfare of its personnel, improvement of their mental and physical health and satisfaction level.

A dedicated service is available in the company to provide support to the personnel in various spheres of life.
The employees may seek psychological, financial or legal advice from the relevant experts.

Voluntary health insurance

The Company places an emphasis on enabling its employees to obtain the best medical service in advanced medical institutions of Moscow and the Moscow Region. To support health and stable emotional state within the team, the Company has considerably expanded its voluntary health insurance plan:

  • Online appointment with a general practitioner
  • Online booking of appointments with specialist doctors via an application
  • Expanded medical service geography
  • Free psychological aid for employees and their families
  • 24/7 access to the programs aimed at keeping health records, maintaining team welfare and promoting personnel commitment to a healthy lifestyle
  • Possibility to obtain voluntary health insurance policies for close family members at corporate prices
  • Issue of medical certificates for health resort treatment
  • Travel insurance policy for trips outside the Russian Federation
  • Rehabilitation treatment for insured employees recovering from viral pneumonia, including coronavirus infection (COVID-19)
Health resort treatment

To ensure its personnel’s social protection, the Company is implementing a health resort treatment program. The program defines the procedures for booking, distribution and payment of vouchers to health improvement institutions (health resorts), which are focused on health resort treatment, health improvement and recreation.

Cost recovery for children’s recreation and health improvement vouchers

The Company reimburses the costs for children’s recreation camps in Russia. The maximum reimbursement amounts to 60,000 rubles per child.

Corporate sports

The corporate sports development program is intended to improve the personnel’s health and the corporate culture. The Company’s employees can permanently take various sports classes in fitness centers.


To improve the professional level and promote personal growth of its employees, the Company provides access to the Mann, Ivanov, Ferber (MIF) e-library. The publisher offers access to MIF’s electronic and audio books in a convenient format (for e-readers, mobile devices and PC), which employees may retain for free use.


An updated vacancy list is available at HeadHunter website

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