ERAI Index: Unified information and analytical resource for transit transportation

ERAI is an index for consignors, an analytical tool and an end-to-end cross-national brand

Information about ERAI and its drivers is available on the ERAI web portal. Launched in December 2019, the ERAI portal serves as a unified informational and analytical resource, which also features analytical materials, expert opinions, latest news with an option to search across specific topics, and various statistical data on transit rail container traffic between China and Europe.

The ERAI portal was created to regularly provide exhaustive and reliable information to consignors, which is sufficient for selecting the container cargo delivery method on the China – Europe – China route. The Trans-Eurasian railway service cannot be developed without enhancing the industry transparency. The ERAI portal strives to achieve this goal.

  • Unified statistics resource: geography, infrastructure and volumes
  • Cost and speed analytics for various modalities
  • Regular information updates
  • Transparent information sources
  • Available in English, Chinese and Russian
Eurasian Rail Alliance Index
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Last changed on: 15.07.2024