One Million Club

A club of like-minded transport and logistics companies and organizations in the Trans-Eurasian area, which are committed to developing the transit potential and solving common tasks.

Club mission

Join, cooperate, and integrate efforts and resources to shape a unified information and economic space at the Eurasian transport and logistics market and to achieve strong performance.

Since 2018, the ONE MILLION CLUB  initiative has reflected the development prospects of the China – Europe – China corridor via Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus. We have set an ambitious goal to transport 1 million TEUs by 2025. This goal can only be attained by aligning the efforts and cooperation of all club members.

ONE MILLION CLUB refers to thousands of transport and logistics companies, thousands of people, thousands of meetings, thousands of decisions, and a million of jointly achieved results.

one million club today
A club that brings together like-minded members who represent not only the East – West but also the North – South direction, thereby pushing the boundaries and creating new prospects for joint development