UTLC ERA: Employees’ Skills Are Pivotal Today

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04 October 2023


September 21–23, 2023, UTLC ERA took part in China (Shenzhen) International Logistics and Supply Chain Fair (CILF), a major Chinese logistics trade show. Alexey Grom, CEO, shared his vision for future Eurasian transportation.

“Companies from Guangdong province and, in particular, from Shenzhen are the largest players and consumers of services in the trans-Eurasian transportation market,” says Alexey Grom. He notes that UTLC ERA is ever-increasing the region’s share in the company’s service portfolio;

In general, according to the company, cargo traffic on the China–Europe–China routes via land corridors demonstrate multiple growth, with almost a 25-fold increase in transportation through UTLC ERA tools alone compared to 2015. Alexey Grom emphasizes that this is a case of joint efforts to expand Eurasian container services.

He added that further growth will depend on infrastructure improvement, new technology introduction, and, importantly, highly skilled professionals.

"We primarily sell a service, and in this case, skills, knowledge, and experience become paramount and build capital to enable our growth, progressive development, and better results," says Alexey Grom.

UTLC ERA cooperates with its partners and major EAEU universities to introduce master’s programs to cover existing logistics trends.

The internship programs are another element of engagement, for which UTLC EPA recruits students and graduates of industry universities.

Alexey Grom also stated that next year, logistics educational programs in Chinese would be launched in the EAEU countries.

The expertise gained by the UTLC ERA team over the decade of the Belt and Road Initiative gives every reason to assert that the cornerstone is employees, he says. Good and skilled personnel are needed in all industries, and logistics is no exception.