UTLC Implements UTLC XL-train Project

Moscow, September 6. In view of growing demand for China- Europe-China transportation and in order to improve transportation, reduce costs and take care of the throughput of the Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus railway transit route, United Transport and Logistics Company (UTLC), jointly with JSC Russian Railways, the National Union Belarusian Railway and JSC National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy, is implementing a new technology of sending long container trains – UTLC XL-trains (eXtra Long train).


The first train containing 80 conventional railcars containing forty four 80” fully loaded platforms (eighty eight 40” containers) went in UWest Service from Dostyk station on August 28 and arrived at Brest border station on September 2. Let’s note that the standard length of container trains shuttling on the main transit routes is 57 conventional railcars (forty one 40” containers).

The average container train speed in Dostyk/Brest section was 1,100 km/day.

“The technology of shaping container trains of 80 conventional railcars is an excellent foundation for enhancing efficiency and improving competitiveness of UTLC transit service. The time interval from the joint decision-making by Russian RW, Belarusian RW and Kazakhstan RW on the new technology to its implementation was a bit more than one week (the joint Protocol was signed in UTLC Office on August 21, 2017). It is an excellent indicator of high cooperation and partnership between the key transportation participants, comments Alexey Grom, UTLC President.

In September, another 10 trains are scheduled for this technology. In the future, the plan is to replicate UTLC XL-train technology to the Company’s entire transit transportation.