Volumes of transportation of JSC UTLC will double in 2016

Moscow, May 20 /TASS/. According to the source close to the company's shareholders, the volumes of transportation of JSC United Transport and Logistics Company (UTLC was established by the railways of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan) according to the results of 2016 may double compared to 2015 and amount to almost 100 thousand TEU (equivalent to 20-foot container).


"When each participant was individually engaged in transit transportation, the volumes amounted to 40-50 thousand TEU, but today we are united, and we will reach almost 100 thousand TEU up to the end of the year - a twofold increase compared to the previous year. The next year, another two-time growth is planned", he said.
According to the source, representatives of administration of the Russian, Belarusian and Kazakhstan Railways have agreed the draft operational model of UTLC, which is planned to bring to the Board of Directors of the Company for consideration. "An operational model provides that the company will be the operator of container services and will focus on the current stage of the project development on the railway transit from China to Europe and in the opposite direction," he said.
According to the estimates, in five years, the frequency and volume of shipments may exceed the performance of the largest cargo-generating enterprises of the coal and oil industry.
Strategy of UTLC until 2025 must be developed before September 1, 2016.
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