UTLC ERA will help deliver anti-epidemic protection from the Chinese city of Wuhan to Europe

The first train to depart from the city of Wuhan, PRC Province of Hubei, since the initial outbreak of Covid-19, signaled the beginning of a regular container service between Wuhan and Duisburg on the route from China to Europe. The container train with fifty 40-foot containers departed from Wuhan on March 28, 2020. Today, on April 1, the cargoes were transshipped onto the broader gauge freight train cars at the station of Dostyk, on the border with China. Right now the train is passing through the territory of Kazakhstan, and then it will transit via Russia and Belarus to Europe along the base route of UTLC ERA. The train is expected to arrive to Germany on April 12. The train will deliver from China to Europe 166.4 tons of anti-epidemic protection products, including 19 containers fully loaded with medical masks. The train will also include contains with automobile parts, electronics, telecommunications fiber optics and consumable materials, necessary for repairing the railway infrastructure. After the train arrives at the station of Duisburg (Germany), it will be further forwarded to Germany, France, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, and other countries. “We see Chinese provinces experiencing revival after the difficult situation with the spread of COVID-19 virus. The city of Wuhan, the center of the disease outbreak, is home to major production companies in the sphere of optoelectronics, semi-conductors, automobile spare parts; pharmaceutical products are manufactured in the city’s suburbs, etc. Almost 90 % of all cargo in the train have been produced by local enterprises in Wuhan. The dispatch of first trains from Wuhan after a two-month pause sends an optimistic signal both in terms of positive processes around liquidating the epidemiological hazard, and in terms of restoration of the Chinese economy, which is very important for economic indicators of Eurasian economy as a whole. We see great prospects for restoring the former dynamics of growing railway transit on the 1,520 mm track infrastructure,” said Alexey Grom, General Director of UTLC ERA.