UTLC ERA makes TOP-5 spot in ranking of asset-free transport and logistics companies in Russia, released by INFOLine Logistic

UTLC ERA ranked among the top logistics companies in the first ranking of railway freight operators working based on an asset-free model (the term asset-light is also used) that compared railway freight operators in terms of operational (traffic volume) and financial (revenue) indicators. The number one spot in the ranking is currently held by the (JSC) “RZHD Logistics” company.


The “INFOLine Rail Russia TOP: No. 3, 2018” study prepared by INFOLine experts assessed the operators whose revenue is generated in the most part by an asset-free model. The TOP-5 ranking also includes DHL Russia, FM Logistic and Major Cargo Service.

According to UTLC ERA president Alexey Grom, the current tariffs for railway transit can actively compete with maritime shipping. In recent years there has been a significant, steady growth in transit container traffic across the railway infrastructure in Europe and Asia. Along with the added increase in delivery speed, railway freight operators have also brought down shipping costs thus making this means of cargo transport even more attractive for customers. UTLC ERA is the leading operator of rail freight and transit services on China – Europe and Europe – China routes.