UTLC ERA is testing a new corridor for goods delivery by express container trains from China to Europe

The new service will allow to diversify cargo flows and reduce the load on the border infrastructure


Joint Stock Company United Transport and Logistics Company - Eurasian Railway Alliance (UTLC ERA) together with Belintertrans-Germany GmbH (BIT-Germany) and CFTS Liski carried out a test dispatch of a container train from China to Europe along the Chongqing (China) - Slavkov route (Poland) via the new border crossing Goryn / Udritsk. UTLC ERA provided service in Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus territories. It was the initiative of BIT-Germany, which carries out transportation through the territories of Ukraine and Poland to the Slavkov station without reloading containers from the “wide” gauge to the “narrow” one in partnership with CFTS Liski. According to UTLC ERA, this will allow diversifying cargo flows, reducing the load on the border infrastructure, and providing the necessary safety margin for future growth in traffic volumes on the China-Europe route.

“It is necessary to maintain a high speed of transportation and reduce transit time in order to ensure high quality services. The train is able to travel 1200 km per day and it only loses speed at border crossings. Our and our shareholders’ main technological efforts are focused on reducing transit time. Engaging new border crossings within an agreed business model, as well as diversifying increasing cargo flows is one of possible solutions. We expect that the route through the Goryn border crossing will become a good growth point for the future development of UTLC ERA services, ”comments Alexey Grom, CEO of UTLC ERA.

The total transit time of the train along the route was 16 days. A freight train of 50 loaded 40-foot containers departed from Chongqing Station on December 8. Transfer to the “wide” gauge was carried out at the Altynkol / Dostyk border crossing. The train arrived at the Slavkov station on December 24. It took 7 days to perform a transit on the Dostyk - Slavkov section.