UTLC ERA will be the general partner at the Eurasian Transit Forum in Kaliningrad

JSC United Transport and Logistics Company Eurasian Railway Alliance (UTLC ERA) will be the general partner at the Eurasian Transit Forum – a new platform, where the issues concerning the capabilities of infrastructure, logistics services, multimodal solutions, technologies and regulatory support of transit rail transportation will be discussed.


"The idea of creating the Eurasian Transit Forum in Kaliningrad appeared after XXII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum this year in May, where we had a joint meeting with Anton Alikhanov, the Kaliningrad Region Governor, and Viktor Golomolzin, the head of the Kaliningrad Railway. By this time, the UTLC ERA company has already made several pilot shipments of transit trains from China to the EU countries through the terminals of Kaliningrad. The first shipment showed very good technological results, and, most importantly, the huge potential of the Kaliningrad region as a key link in the corridor of Eurasian rail transportation became clear. Therefore, one of the main tasks of the forum is to deliver this information to shippers and transport companies, joint planning of activities and implementation of ambitious tasks.

In the context of the presidential decree issued in May 2018 by V.V. Putin on increasing by four times the volume of the transit flow of containers on Russian railways by 2024, the topics for discussion selected are very relevant. Also, we want to receive feedback from our Chinese and European partners and find out what needs to be done to make the service through Kaliningrad even more popular and competitive. We hope that the participants of the forum will actively support the proposed format of the event and subsequently contribute to the development of the transit corridor through the transport infrastructure of the Kaliningrad region," – says Alexey Grom, the president of the UTLC ERA.

The speakers of the forum will be representatives of regional authorities, large railway companies, port terminals of the Kaliningrad region, stevedores, transit service operators, freight forwarding and logistics companies of China and Europe. The topics of the discussions are the prospects of container transit, constraints, joint measures to overcome them and key aspects of ensuring the growth of freight traffic by rail between Russia and China with the participation of the Kaliningrad region transport and logistics hub.

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