The first container train on the route Brest-Altynkol

Moscow, June 5, 2016 - JSC UTLC dispatched the first container train from the Altynkol station, Kazakhstan Railways, toward the Brest station within the Europe-China transit corridor.


The creation of a new point of departure on the basic route of transportation of JSC UTLC allows increasing the number of containers transported as part of one train, from 82 to 124 TEU. President of JSC UTLC Alexey Grom said: "The capacities of the border station Altynkol / Khorgos and the existing container terminal Khorgos broaden opportunities for consolidating containers arriving from China, not only as part of container trains, but also single containers and containers arrived at the terminal by road transport".
JSC UTLC, as an operator of transit container services, organizes formation and rhythmic dispatches of container trains on the route Altynkol-Brest and further to the consignees in Europe. Transit distance on Altynkol-Brest section is 5,466 km.