UTLC launched shipping in tank containers from China to Europe

The first train, consisting of 82 twenty-foot tank containers, loaded with butylene glycol produced by XINJIANG MARKOR CHEMICAL INDUSTRY, departed from Korla Station (China).


The cargo transited through the territories of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus and further through Poland through the territories of the EU countries to the terminal at the station Duisburg (Germany). UTLC provided a service on a track of 1520 mm at the section Dostyk - Brest.

The consignee is DuPont International Operations Sarl, a company with more than 200 years of name, leading world-class scientific and technological developments, supplying to the global market innovative products and materials for use in such sectors as agriculture, food production, electronic industry and others.

To date the regularity of shipments has been confirmed by the frequency of one train per month, followed by an increase in the frequency of shipments.

The segment of cargo transportation in tank containers is one of the youngest, but already quite well-off. Tank containers allow organizing the carriage of bulk, including food cargo, "door-to-door", without intermediate transshipment of cargo in ports and railway stations. The lack of transshipment reduces the time and cost of transportation, significantly increases the safety of such transportation. In addition, the design of tank containers provides for the possibility of customs seals (TIR), which allows the transportation of goods that have passed customs clearance and sealed directly at the chemical manufacturing plant through several states without intermediate customs inspections.