RSPP discussed the implementation of the "Mobility of Multimodal Supply in Trade and Economic Cooperation between Russia and Germany" project

On February 25, 2021 the Subcommittee on Transport and Logistics of the RUIE Committee on International Cooperation held a round table discussion on the implementation of the Project "Multimodal Mobility in Economic and Trade Cooperation between Russia and Germany" within the framework of the Russian-German cross-year "Economy and Sustainable Development 2020-2022".

The participants discussed the possibilities and main directions of realization of the project on development of the multimodal supply mobility as an instrument of strengthening the competitive position of the Russian and German companies, widening and strengthening the trade and economic cooperation.

The heads and top management representatives of a number of companies and organisations, including: JSC UTLC ERA, RZD Logistics, Kaliningrad Railway management; RUT (MiIT) scientific experts; representatives of state organisations of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, Chairman of the German National Association of Logisticians (BVL) in Russia; Head of the Port of Hamburg office in Russia; expert on Japan and APR countries (development of industrial parks) and others.

During the discussion the aims, objectives, expected results of the Project and instruments of their achievement, as well as stages of the Project implementation were proposed. Particular attention was paid to the discussion of the mechanisms to strengthen the competitive advantages of the companies.

As a result of the discussion, the participants worked out the following areas and activities for the implementation of the Project, including

In order to develop mobile multimodal supplies in the trade and economic cooperation between Russia and Germany, to organise a networking platform for the companies - participants of the Russian-German Project at all stages of supply, ensuring:

- infrastructural connectivity of Kaliningrad multimodal transport and logistics complex in providing mobility of multimodal transport along the route Port of Germany (Rostock/Hamburg/Mukran/Sasnitz) - Port of Kaliningrad region (Kaliningrad/Baltiysk) - Kaliningrad railway (territory of Kaliningrad region in the direction of the Russian Federation and further to China);

- information interconnection through recognition by EU customs authorities of electronic versions of the SMGS, CIM/SMGS, CIM as a customs document for organizing seamless interaction technologies;

- Development of a network ecosystem for cooperation, customer orientation, exchange of technology and competencies through the formation of joint Russian-German interaction and cooperation teams.