Memorandum of Understanding with AsstrA

JSC UTLC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with AsstrA concerning the realization of a joint project to ship containers from China to Europe and vice versa via the railways of Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and European Union countries.


“AsstrA has been developing the New Silk Road since 2008, but in the beginning there were only sporadic shipments. Since 2015, we have been managing a steady flow of rail cargo to East Asia. A sore point has been the lack of collaboration and integration between the railways of the different countries, and UTLC seeks to fix that. It integrates the railways of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan for cargo delivery from China and the rest of Asia to Europe and back. Therefore, we see mutual synergy between our companies,” said Dmitry Lagun, President of the Board of AsstrA Associated Traffic AG.

The parties agreed to build their relationship on the basis of a strategic international rail freight partnership intended to develop shipping between Europe and China. UTLC will be responsible for establishing and operating a Terminal-to-Terminal 1520 mm gauge rail transit service, and AsstrA will be responsible for attracting customers to UTLC’s basic U WEST and U EAST services.