JSC UTLC ERA’s CEO and Kaliningrad Region’s Governor discuss transit potential development prospects within the region up to 2025 on a working meeting

Alexey Grom, CEO, Joint Stock Company United Transport and Logistics Company – Eurasian Rail Alliance, and Anton Alikhanov, Kaliningrad Region’s Governor, have held a working meeting to discuss the transit potential development within the Kaliningrad Region up to 2025 and new tools enabling effective interaction between port facilities and the railroad.

A special attention on the meeting was given to capabilities that the port infrastructure has regarding the acceptance and processing of additional container trains and new alternative transborder crossings on the Russia-Poland border in order to create a reserve infrastructure capacity to handle increasing freight traffic.

Given the growing demand for transportation on the China-Europe-China destination via accelerated container trains, an effective addition to land-based container train routes became multimodal services that utilize the Kaliningrad Railroad’s capacities, basic services of JSC UTLC ERA and Kaliningrad Region’s ports.

2020 year-end figures show that the transit container transportation volume within the multimodal service of JSC UTLC ERA with transshipment in the Baltiysk port reached 14.6 thousand TEU, signifying an absolute increase vs. 2019 value (180 TEU). The transit container transportation volume within the multimodal service of JSC UTLC ERA with transshipment in the Kaliningrad Sea Commercial Port (KSCP) amounted to 14.5 thousand TEU in 2020, while no transportation using this route occurred in 2019.

Over the first two months of 2021, the volume of transportation via the Baltiysk port reached 2.6 thousand TEU (194 TEU in 2020), and 3.3 thousand TEU via the KSCP (0 TEU in 2020).

The Kaliningrad line has a great transit potential and can accommodate up to a 4-fold increase in the transportation volume. Transit container transportation in the China-Europe-China multimodal format is already performed in a test mode utilizing ports located in the Kaliningrad Region and transporting cargo from Chinese provinces to EU countries (United Kingdom, Scandinavian countries, Belgium, Netherlands, and etc.) and the USA, and back. When this service becomes regular, this will signify a new growth point for the transit potential of 1,520 mm gauge.

At the end of the meeting, the parties have agreed to promptly cooperate in anticipation of a two-fold increase in 2021 in transit transportation within accelerated container trains of JSC UTLC ERA via direct international railroad routes utilizing the Russia-Poland border crossings and via the China-Europe-China multimodal format leveraging Kaliningrad Region’s ports (Baltiysk and KSCP).