ERAI sparked European market’s interest during the UTLC ERA road show

The United Transport and Logistics Company – Eurasian Rail Alliance (UTLC ERA) presented the Eurasian Rail Alliance Transit Index (ERAI) to the European market on November 22, 2018 at the 72nd session of the working group on railway transport of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) ) in Geneva, and on November 21, 2018 – in Brussels at the Second Eurasian Connectivity and Industrial Coalition Forum, which was organized by the international association FERRMED with the participation of the European Parliament representatives.

At the 72nd session of the working group on railway transport of the UNECE in Geneva, Switzerland, Larisa Korshunova, Director for Government Relations at UTLC ERA, presented ERAI. The minutes of the session will be published approximately at the end of December this year.

“Improving the competitiveness of eurasian railway corridors, which includes using the ERAI transit index, that will make freight traffic transparent and thus attract new customers, – this is an interesting topic for the participants of the UNECE working group on railway transport, who are representatives of public authorities involved in transport and infrastructure, as well as key business companies, – Larisa Korshunova said. – Representatives of all European countries take part in the working group, and the fact that the working group expressed interest in our index is a positive result. The inclusion of information about ERAI to the discussion on the sixth issue of the agenda “Euro-Asian rail traffic” expands the geography of the index. The working group also supported the JSC “UTLC ERA” proposal to include to the agenda of the 73rd meeting the issue of providing analytical information on the results of the ERAI implementation.”

Mikhail Selyutin, Director of business development at UTLC ERA, presented ERAI in Brussels, Belgium, at the FERRMED conference, the theme of which was “Key Corridors, Main terminals and train features in the Silk Road Railway Network”. The results of The Second Eurasian Connection and Industrial Coalition Forum were presented on November 22, 2018 in the European Parliament in the form of final conclusions. According to Mikhail Selyutin, UTLC ERA report was received with interest by both the speakers and the listeners of a well-known dialogue platform for influential players in the European market.

“In addition to the index, a number of other important topics were covered. We voiced our forecast for freight traffic along the UTLC ERA routes, told about the possibilities of railway infrastructure and the capacity of container terminals, – Mikhail Selyutin said. – In the context of one of the conference topics on increasing the length of European container trains up to 1500 meters, we explained how our technology of combining trains works, shared the idea of creating a large transit logistics hub, which will reduce the imbalance of cargo traffic and increase the load, among other things owing to XL-trains (long container trains). We also presented to the participants of the conference a project carried out by the UTLC ERA and its partners – the multimodal transportation development project through the ports of the Kaliningrad region in China – Europe communication.”

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