Annual JSC UTLC ERA General Shareholder Meeting held in Moscow

The Annual General Shareholder Meeting of the Joint stock company “United Transport and Logistics Company – Eurasian Rail Alliance” (UTLC ERA), which took place in Moscow on June 24, 2019, has approved the annual report and annual accounting (financial) statements of the company for 2018.

The meeting decided to distribute the profit among the shareholders based on the performance results of 2018. Taking into account the interim dividend for the first 6 months of 2018 in the amount of 141 million rubles that were paid earlier, 2 billion 141 million rubles were allocated to dividend and shall be paid not later than August 9, 2019.

The Shareholder Meeting also elected a new Board of Directors:

1. Elena Kirenya – Chief Economist of the Belarusian Railway

2. Dair Kusherov – Deputy Chairman of NC KTZ JSC Board for Finance

3. Pavel Sokolov – Deputy Chairman of NC KTZ JSC Board for Logistics

4. Andrey Starkov – OJSC Russian Railways Deputy Director General

5. Alexey Shilo – OJSC Russian Railways Deputy Director General

6. Vladimir Yukovsky – Head of the Service for State Property Management in the Administration of the Belarusian railway.

An Internal Auditing Commission was elected on the same day and decisions were made concerning annual compensation and reimbursement of costs for members of the Board of Directors and annual compensation to members of the Internal Audit Commission. JSC Deloitte & Touche CIS was approved as the Independent Auditor of UTLC ERA. In addition, the Meeting approved the revised Articles of Association of UTLC ERA.